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Customer Feedback

“Through Carol’s readings I am always able to find guidance, which leaves me with a sense of ease and feeling more at peace with my situations.”

L Giovanni. (telephone reading)


“I’m not sure how she does it or how it all works but to say Elizabeth Carol is inspiring and a glowing light through the darkness of problems would be an understatement. Its beyond Genius and of another realm”

David. (one to one reading)


“I have been visiting Carol Vincent for some 25 years! Her very special gift of clairvoyance has seen me through many twists and turns in my life and her ability to give forewarning has helped guide me through very difficult times. I find it unbelievable that, without knowing the reason for the visit, she is able to give answers to any disquiet or worry. Her readings and assessments are breathtakingly accurate – and whatever the content, you leave feeling calmed and reassured.

From the moment she opens her front door, you notice the white blond hair that frames her face like an angelic halo and a feeling of total peace and safety descends. Half of what you are told you immediately forget but as time goes by and events unfold, her voice echoes through your mind and you suddenly remember and understand everything she has told you. You never plan the next visit you just absolutely know when you need to return.

I have mentioned Carol to so many people and consequently these people have also told so many others. Any feedback has always been full of amazement and 100% positive. . The mere fact that I have been seeing Carol for over 25 years, is true testament to the professional way in which she uses her very special gift.

I love her and very much value her guidance and friendship”

Jane Fitzgerald (one to one reading)